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瞭解到問題本身其實很「簡單」和「容易」之不二法門,正是明白到任何有效的解決方法都出自「我」,只有「我」才能改善我們的生活、社會、國家和世界。重 申一次,解決方法正是「『我』可以改變,『我』的小行動本身就可以帶來大改變」。

你看看,我們經常談及人民的力量:「只要 團結就可以克服一切」、「團結就是力量」、「如果我們團結一致,沒有事情可以阻止我們」。誠然,我們看到人民力量的效果,許多改變和革命之所以出現,正是 因為人們走在一起去改變世界。

可是,有一個重點十分清楚,解釋了為何我們都明白團結的好處,可是世界卻面對愈來愈多的困 難,許多人不能做好,要在生存線上掙扎;另外一些人只懂依賴 政府幫助,每天又有許多人飢餓至死,或者死於一些很容易便可治癒的傳染病;又有些人活在赤貧環境;世界又有許多戰爭、恐怖主義、社會動盪、氣候變化等事物 在摧毀世界。大部分人在掙扎,在惶恐和不安中度日,許多人也不明白為甚麼一個慈愛的神會令我們活在悲傷中。

問題正源於一句「走在一起便可以克服一切」,因為當我們相信它時,便傾向看看左看看右,看看後面還有沒有人跟從,然後便相信沒人和自己同心,因此卻步 不敢向前。要說服他人不容易,但從自身做起或者說服你自己就容易得多。就干係自己的事做點東西吧,你的第一步就是開始。

嘗試這樣看吧:到底甚麼令數十萬甚至一百萬人在「七.一」遊行走到街上呢?正是你問問自己在那日那時候能否走出來加入遊行路線?但請等等,現在說的是 一百萬人,然而你只是一個人,也不會倍增成為一百萬;這是個很好的要點,也十分之明顯。可是,可是你回到最初開始想,就知道你想改變的東西之根源就在你和 我。一百萬人走到街上的起點就在「我」自己,這是「我」所需要考慮的,也是「我」所能夠考慮的。

當我們明白這個簡單道理,那麼我們(或 者「我」)便瞭解到那一百萬遊行的人所關心的,只是「我」決定走出第一步而已。只要我們想到「我」自己會踏出一 步,那麼一百萬人上街的事實便會發生。再講一次,「我」問問「我」自己,如果相信的話,有沒有能力盡己所能為此做些事?通常小方法就是好方法,所有事由 「我」開始。

如果你明白的話,其實透過改善世界來改善生活是很簡單的,你可以到下一環節「我可以怎樣幫 助」看看。

Yes, for all the hundred and one reasons that prevent people from doing anything, to tolerable the bad situation, to deny that problem exist, the crucial key is all the seemly difficult, problem can be easily solved. Yes, easily, I said. The key to make our world better is for you to make a small effort towards making the world better. The key lies in individual action. The key to understand the simplicity of it all is the real effective solution lies in understanding that it is “I” and “I” alone that is going to make a difference to our life, our society, our country and our world. Again, the solution is, “I can make a difference, my small action, and my action alone will make a big difference.”

You see, we used to talk about people power. “Together we shall overcome.” “Unity is Power.” If we get united, nothing can stop us. And indeed, we have seen people power at work and there are many changes and revolutions happening because people get united to make some changes. But there is a catch and it explains why, in spite of the fact that everyone knows this and can say it, our world is experiencing more and more problem and the majority of the people are not doing well, struggling all their life and wind up dependent on government subsidies and many are starving to death everyday or dying from infectious disease that can be easily treated cheaply and living in great poverty, there are wars, global terrorism, social unrest, climate changes that may spell doom to our world. Most people are struggling, living in fear and uncertainty. Most of the people believe in God but cannot figure out why a benevolent, loving God will let most of us living in misery.

The problem with, “Together, we shall overcome,” is because when we do that, we tend to look to our left, to our right, back behind to see who else is coming along. It is obviously more difficult to convince others to do what you want. It is much easier to start with yourself and convince yourself and just do something yourself first is all that really matter. Your first step is the beginning.

Just look at it this way. What does it take for one hundred thousand or a million people to walk the street at 2 pm July 1 is for you to ask yourself if you can on such date and time take a stroll along a designation route. But, wait a minute, you are obviously wrong here. You are talking about a million people; you are just one person, not a million people. You don’t multiply into a million. Very well said. It is so obvious. But. But, if you go to the starting point, just between you and the rest of the world, the starting point for everything you want to change in the world is you or I. I can’t control others behaviors, but I control my own behavior. The starting point for one million people to walk the street begins from I. And that is what I need to care and that is all I can care. And if we understand such simple concept, that we, or individually I, understand that for one million people to walk the people simply lies on my own simple decision to take the first step. And we all only need to worry about whether we our self, individually will take the first step and the million will happen. Let me rehash it again, I ask myself, if I believe in such a course, will I be able to so something about in whatever way I can. Usually the small way is the better way. Everything start with from this.

If you are convince, that it is actually quite simple to better your life by bettering the world, you can go to “How can I help?”
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